Parent-Child Dedication

Parent-Child Dedication at Grace Family

We love children and we are here to come alongside you as parents and help equip you to raise them. We see the Parent-Child dedication as a special event for you and your child. To help you understand who can participate in this ceremony and the approach that we take, please read all the information below.

What is Parent-Child Dedication?

Our model is based in Luke 2:21-40 when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus as an infant to the temple to present Him to God.

It is a time for Christian parents to present themselves and their child to God in the presence of their church family. It is also a public declaration of your intention to rely on God to empower you to raise your child to love Jesus, His Word and His people.

It is not an infant baptism. Scripture is clear that baptism is for those who have repented of their sins, which an infant is incapable of. It also does not ensure your child’s salvation.

Who Can Participate?

Our Parent-Child dedication is open to all parents who have:

- children under 6 years old
- professed Jesus Christ as their savior
- attended our Parenting Class prior to dedication Sunday
- established through their regular attendance that GFC is their home church

When is the next Parent-Child Dedication?

Our next Parent-Child Dedication will be on Sunday September 24th. The date of the required parent orientation class will be on September 13th at 7:00pm at the church.

Register for Parent-Child Dedication

If you understand and agree to all these guidelines, you can register by clicking on button below.