2019 Short-Term Missions Trips

In John 20:21, Jesus says: “as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” Every Christian is called to join Jesus in His redeeming mission, and this year there are three opportunities for you to answer the call to GO.

Ecuador | August 1-7, 2019 | Up to 30 people 
We will once again partner with NEXT Worldwide in reaching the predominantly Catholic people of Ecuador with the true gospel. Team members will be equipped to share Christ through door-to-door outreach and wellness clinics. This trip provides a great opportunity for anyone to answer God’s call to GO, but is an especially great option for those who would be taking their first short-term trip. This trip is very affordable, is only one week long, and is open to high school students and adults of all ages. 

Southeast Asia | September 6-20, 2019 | Up to 8 people 
We will be working among our targeted, unreached people group, the Mariners. The all-new ENGLISH UP program puts team members right in the local schools teaching basic English, where the response from students, teachers, and local leadership has been favorable and resulted in continual invitations back. Team members will partner with the national church planting team to further engage the unreached, both through the ENGLISH UP program and by visiting with local villagers to share God’s Word and pray with them. This trip is open to anyone ages 18 and up. 

Central Asia | September 28-October 12, 2019 | Up to 4 people 
We are continuing our efforts among our adopted, unreached people group, the Mountain People. Team members will spend time with our long-term partners, offering encouragement and meeting practical needs that have come out of recent staffing issues and discouragements. Team members will also join ongoing discipleship efforts in remote villages by sharing personal stories of answered prayers and salvation with the locals. Due to the strenuous nature of this terrain and travel, this trip is open to those ages 21-65 who are in good physical health. 

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Global Life

Mission efforts are the heartbeat of Grace Family Church, but do not only include short-term trips. There are many other ways to be involved in missions, which is expressed through what we call “Global Life.”

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Global Life is more than just mission efforts, it is a mission’s mindset, a way of thinking, that keeps the Great Commission in mind in all that we do. Through the Global Life strategy, we purpose to be involved in mission efforts year-round. This is more than mission trips or a big mission’s weekend. This is life on God’s mission. This is Global Life and the motivation behind the Global Life strategy.

The call to learn is not learning for the sake of knowledge. Rather, the goal is to learn in order to equip and empower involvement in Global mission efforts. Learning is crucial to the rest of Global Life, because knowledge energizes action.

Prayer is our most effective resource in seeing the world evangelized. When God’s people pray according to His will, He responds. Mountains of resistance to the Gospel are removed, and doors of opportunity are opened.

Not everyone is called to be a career missionary, but everyone is called to participate in accomplishing the task at hand. Sending is helping to meet the needs of those who are responding to God’s call to “go,” and is just as impactful as going.

The realization of man’s need for the Gospel and God’s command to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth produces an urgency in us to respond. Since 1999, over 58 short-term trips have been taken by nearly 500 trip participants. This is our active, passionate response to the words of Christ in the Great Commission: “go make disciples…”

Scripture calls believers to “practice hospitality” as a way of life (Romans 12). Hospitality can be shown to both short and long-term missionaries by welcoming them home and attending gatherings to hear their testimonies. Additionally, when long-term missionaries come home on furlough, they often need temporary housing, transportation, and additional financial support. Welcoming is using both time and resources to bless missionaries and is a great way to practically do Global Life.

God’s mandate to “make disciples  of all nations” is a call for every believer, not only those who are called to be missionaries. Mobilization is about helping fellow believers understand the importance of missions and the necessity of involvement. Everyone has a part to play; everyone is called to the “Global Life” way of living.

Targeted Unreached People Groups

There are nearly 6000 unique people groups that have little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Grace Family Church has committed to targeting two unreached people groups. For the safety of our missionaries working among them, we have adopted different labels than their actual identity. 


The “Mariners” are sea gypsies who have wandered throughout Southeast Asia for centuries. The Mariners have a strong adherence to Islam combined with the influence of animism. Missionaries sent by Grace Family Church have been faithfully working among this people group for the last ten years in anticipation of the birth of the first known church among them.

Mountain People

As their name suggests, the “Mountain People” live in the mountains of Central Asia and belong to a sect of Islam. In 2003, Grace Family Church adopted the “Mountain People” people through a church-wide Adoption Covenant. Since that day, we have partnered both financially and in prayer with ministries sharing our goal. We have also personally visited and shared the gospel among them on multiple short term mission trips. We will continue to partner and make short term trips until the goal of a sustainable church is realized.


The goal is that 2% of our congregation would commit to full-time mission work. Over the years, several have responded to the call to embrace the mission of God – the redemption of His people for His glory. Because our missionaries work in countries where missionary activity is illegal or dangerous, we must protect their identities on the internet. For more information on our long-term missionaries, contact the church office. 


Prayer is our most effective resource in seeing the world evangelized. When God’s people pray according to His will, He responds. We find God’s will communicated in the text of Scripture, and some prayers for mission efforts we see in God’s Word are found in our Prayers for Missionaries and Mission Efforts publication. For frequent updates on current prayer needs, contact us:


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