Jeff Steffel : Lead Pastor

Jeff Steffel

Lead Pastor

After graduating from bible college where he met his wife Violet, Jeff was on staff at a church for a few years before moving to Port Saint Lucie and starting Grace Family Church in 1989. He has a passion for people to be grounded in the Gospel and truth of God's Word, and in 30 years of ministry has been a faithful preacher of God's Word. As Lead Pastor, he is responsible for teaching each week while directing and communicating the vision of the church to the congregation and staff. He enjoys hiking and skiing and spending time with his family.

Violet Steffel : Women and Care

Violet Steffel

Women and Care

Violet is the wife of Lead Pastor Jeff Steffel. Together, they founded Grace Family Church in 1989 and have served side-by-side faithfully for nearly 30 years. For many years, Violet led worship every week, and also served as the youth pastor. She now leads the Women of Grace ministry and also makes visits and takes care of members of the congregation. She loves singing, playing her piano, and spending time with her husband and children.

Chuck Rustin : Membership and Care

Chuck Rustin

Membership and Care

Chuck was rescued by God from the streets of Fort Lauderdale in February 1984 and married his wife, Julie, in December of that year. Together they have two grown sons and enjoy exercise, biking, the beach, and spending time with other believers. Over the years Chuck has served in various areas of the body of Christ. He loves to see people walk in the freedom and peace that God provides in the Gospel, and oversees Member Care (incl. Biblical coaching, weddings, funerals, and hospital visitations), Life Groups, and our Healing & Freedom Groups.

Leo Gutierrez : Operations and Missions

Leo Gutierrez

Operations and Missions

Leo hails from the Dominican Republic. He served on staff as Children's Director from 2007-2013 and now oversees all church operations as well as mission's efforts and events. Leo has a passion for getting people to see the Great Commission as the "Great Completion," in order to mobilize every believer to embrace a missions mindset in their day-to-day lives. In his off time, he enjoys camping and spending time with his wife Omali and his three children.

Andrew Garrigan : Communications and Technology

Andrew Garrigan

Communications and Technology

Andrew was born and raised in Port Saint Lucie and grew up through Grace's children and student ministries. He spent a few years in the health care field as an administrative assistant and in IT support while also interning in the church office. In 2013 he was hired on staff and now meets the church's various technical and communications needs. He is passionate about the local church, and also enjoys teaching and leading the college ministry, reading, and basketball.

Stephen Garrigan : Worship

Stephen Garrigan


Stephen is a longtime member of the Grace Family, having grown up in the church. He was hired in 2015 as an intern responsible for all worship teams within the church. He is passionate about excellence in worship technicality but also desires to see people really engaged with God each weekend. He enjoys anything music-related, and there are few instruments he cannot play.

Elke Clemons : Grace Kids

Elke Clemons

Grace Kids

Susan Smith : Office Administration

Susan Smith

Office Administration

Edith Charleman : Secretary

Edith Charleman



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