The video above is a conversation held by Pastor Jeff and our youth pastor Bronson Allen on Sunady, October 18 during service. The content below is the open letter from Bronson that we published in the days prior to this conversation.

To my friends, students, and family at Grace Family Church:

For over six years, I’ve had the deep joy of serving this church as the Youth Pastor and Connect Ministry Director. That wonderful season is coming to an end this Sunday, simply and only because God has another assignment for my wife Kayla and I.

When I was about 20 years old, God called me to give what I thought would be the rest of my life to student ministry. Kay and I have always loved students, and we probably always will. Looking back on my 20’s and now knowing what it would cost, I can honestly say that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It was a joy, and an adventure I never dreamed we would take. But God has something different for us in our thirties. 

We believe that God is calling us to church planting ministry on the Treasure Coast. Grace Family Church has been planting churches for years internationally. This church is called to that end, and, by God’s grace, is working to break ground in places where there is no church. Our hearts are for the international, unreached places of the world, but Kay and I believe that it’s God’s will for us to be involved in more local church planting efforts.

We don’t want to pastor a church. We just want to be core church members and use the gifts and abilities that we have learned here at Grace to help a young church flourish, establish, and then plant other churches. Of course, in order to belong with all our hearts to another church means we must step aside from this church that we love with all our hearts.

After months of prayer, counsel, and accountability from our closer community at Grace, as well as conversations with Pastor Jeff and other leaders, we believe this is the will of God. God assigns and reassigns relationships and spiritual leadership. We believe that God is working together all of these things for His glory, and our joy in Him. Additionally, Pastor Jeff’s support, encouragement, and prayerful insight into this has been so helpful to Kay and I. I’m thankful for his blessing and the harmony we have in this.

This Sunday, October 18th, between worship and the opening of God’s Word, Pastor Jeff and I will be going into more detail explaining this transition. Please join us for that, because I believe that as people who Kay and I love, this is something to celebrate with us. While this Sunday will be our last Sunday at Grace, we will be back to visit and love you dearly and deeply.

There is simply one last thing I would like to say. The Gospel of Jesus Christ means that while I was dead in my sins, hopeless and useless to God and His work, God sent His Son to take my place, to die the death I deserved, and to live the righteous life I failed to live. Now, with forgiveness and a right record that I did not earn, I, like you, am being called to joyfully live for His glory while passionately calling others into a new life with Christ. Jesus Christ has called us to “go.” We get to say “yes,” but not because of who we are or what we have done. We get to say “yes” to Christ because of the surpassing worth of who He is, and what He has done.

I pray that God would strengthen you as we go. Like any act of obedience, I pray that ours would spill over into more blessing and joy and growth in your life than if we chose any other path. I pray you would continue to deeply believe the Gospel, joyfully live for God’s glory, and, with overflowing passion, call others to do the same.

For His Glory,

Bronson Allen

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